Jimmy Edgar on the Cover of DJ Mag!

He looks like a goth Harry Potter.


Mixmag Premiere: The Neon Judgement “TV Treated” (Jimmy Edgar remix!)

Give this more than one listen, preferably on headphones or in a car. It really comes alive the second time!!!

Movement Phase 2 Released Today

Just two phases this year (the first one was fantastic; excited about Jets with Jimmy Edgar + Machinedrum LIVE)!

And still – NO DEETRON :(.

Miami Music Week 2015 Preview: Saturday, March 28

I won’t lie; I am looking forward to this party probably more than any other. We got tix the very first day it was announced. I have NEVER seen Ferrer live, and Jimmy Edgar’s set was among my favorites from Movement 2014, turning me into a superfan.

Bonus: it’s only a half-mile from our hotel, so we can stumble back whenever, however. 

Now, if only we could get Deetron and DJ Koze to play MMW, I could die happy. 


This is a blog primarily about house music and the various subgenres that surround it (Full disclosure: I’m not an EDM fan; I keep it close to the underground). Sometimes I may just post about whatever the hell kind of music I want, ’cause it’s my blog, nyeah.

About me: I’ve always been a “music person.” I grew up the daughter of a minister in a Christian church where music played a part in my everyday life. I sang solos and in singing groups, harmonized over hymns every Sunday, learned to play the piano (kinda). Even better, my mom loved “secular” music and played it all the time, with an incredibly eclectic selection that ranged from Neil Diamond to Lou Rawls to The Jackson 5 to Simon and Garfunkel to Billy Joel and Elton John and… you get the picture. Despite the conservative nature of the world we lived in, my parents were pretty hands-off about what I listened to. I loved the Beastie Boys. I liked Slayer. My first concert was New Edition, Bobby Brown solo, and Al B. Sure! A kid on the school bus once lent me a mix tape of FILTHY (Slick Rick! 2 Live Crew!) and hardcore rap songs, ostensibly to “freak out the preacher’s kid,” but I shocked him instead by refusing to give the tape back.

A little over a year ago, someone very special to me introduced me to what he called “good house music.” I knew he was a house music DJ, but all I really knew about house music was the crap on the background of seemingly every health club commercial on TV, and maybe “What is love? Baby, don’t hurt me…!” from the SNL skit. And, ugh, those cheesy Ultra CDs with the covers bearing fitness models in balmy climes in various states of undress, possibly mid-orgasm.

Case in point.

And of course [I thought] I hated techno. I was mostly an indie rock girl with some old school hip-hop, soul, and R&B thrown in.

What followed over weeks and then months was an amazing education — in person, over Facebook Messenger, through YouTube links, in Spotify — by an enthusiastic teacher with a very willing pupil. I soaked it up, from soulful house to Detroit (Moodymann!) to New York to Chicago and finally to that “really deep shit.” I also learned that I LOVE techno, which I now recognize as kind of the balls-out metal of electronic music. I already knew more than I had thought (New Wave wasn’t a terrible starting point) and liked more than I expected.

Osunlade may have been my gateway drug, but the clincher was going to Detroit last May for Movement. Justin Martin! DJ Sneak! Green Velvet! The Martinez Brothers! JIMMY FUCKING EDGAR! Kevin Saunderson! Carl Cox! Even, begrudgingly, Seth Troxler (more on that to come; I have a love/hate relationship with this clown). I warned my boyfriend that even if we weren’t seeing each other next year, he’d be running into me at Movement; I was hooked.


Alas, I’m not a DJ. I’m not a producer. I’m not a music promoter or label owner. But I love this music, I can write, and I have things (sometimes controversial things) to say. I’d like to highlight mixes or sets I like, maybe do some interviews with DJs, and preview/document festivals (coming up: Miami Music Week preview!).

Nice meeting you.