Some hot spring fire from Todd Terje, remixed by Deetron!

I’ve been a terrible blogger this week — maybe a post-Miami funk and swamped at work. Will mend my ways, but this is fantastic.


Miami Music Week 2015 Preview: Thursday, March 26

Thursday is jam-packed with parties. We’ll start with the Pete Tong pool party at the Surfcomber.

This is the lineup thus far, though I suspect Pete has some more aces up his sleeve.

[Note: Below is edited from the original post, because I accidentally posted a Friday party on Thursday.]

Thursday evening, with any luck after a disco nap and maybe a bite from La Sandwicherie, we will head to the Snatch Records party (we can’t say this without giggling every time) at Hush.   

This was one of the earliest parties we got tickets to. The lineup is great all around, but neither Alvin nor I had ever seen Italy’s Riva Starr. (There’s more here, as usual, on Resident Advisor.) My favorite track is the one below; you may have heard it around (and if you haven’t, you SURELY will at WMC or somewhere this summer, as it’s what they call a BANGER, my friends).