Jackmaster at Circoloco

Amazing set, too-small crowd. C’mon, US, catch up! 


Stop the Presses! MMW 2015: Friday, May 27

Where Jackmaster goeth, so goeth we. 

Act fast, tix are disappearing!

Miami Music Week 2015 Preview: Wednesday, March 25

While I may be forever ambivalent about Seth Troxler (this probably deserves a longer post in the future), this set turned me around on the issue of his talent — the kid’s got chops. When he’s good (read: sober enough to function?), Troxler’s sets are a lot like Dennis Ferrer’s great sets — sexy, surprising, chancy, tight, funky, and ultimately satisfying. Believe me, it pains me to say this because often in interviews he comes across as a spoiled, entitled fuck-up brodude. (Trust: watch the Seth Troxler and Martinez Brothers “Between the Beats” videos back to back and see what you think.)

Alas, I’ve come not to bury Troxler, but to praise him. This set just ROCKED MY SOCKS:

While watching this set the other evening, we resolved to go to the Fuck Jams party on Wednesday of MMW. If the set weren’t enough to persuade, the poster alone might have been. Lineup will probably include surprises but currently includes DJ Three, Harvard Bass, and Troxlers Tuskegee pals, the aforementioned Bros. Martinez. Here’s hoping he brings back in Scotsman Jackmaster (SO much more to come on Jackmaster, who is edging out Ferrer as my present favorite DJ), who played this party last year.)