Riva Starr Is a BEAST on the Decks

It’s cramming time for Miami!

I’m the kind of person who likes to be prepared, so I’ve been doing a lot of set- and track-listening over the past couple weeks. It’s fun to take a flyer for a show and go through the DJs one by one to get a feel for what the entire show might be like (What? You don’t cram for parties?! Yes, I’m a house music nerd).

Snatch! Records party at Hush. It’s fun to say “I’m going to the Snatch Party at Hush.”

I had mentioned before that I’m excited about this party. Until last night, I had heard a bunch of Riva Starr’s tracks but never a set. I am happy to say that this bald-headed Italian is incredible live, rocking mostly tech house and really deep stuff. In case you’re as excited as I am (or want to be), below is the fantastic set we watched.

Also in this lineup is Ninetoes, who rocks a tribal and otherwise very eclectic set. Take a look:


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