My Paris Manifesto

Every day I hear a new DJ or house fan bitching about the Paris-Hilton-DJ bullshit. I get it. You work hard, you love the music you love, and you don’t want to see it hijacked by a vapid celebrity.

Well, I’m gonna at least partially blame the excesses and misogyny of dance music culture itself for this. How hard it is it to move from a world where barely clad, barely legal women are on the front of every flyer, every dance music compilation, every YouTube video — to one where women just like them are behind the decks? 

Don’t like it? Work to change the bro-party culture of the music you love. When a female DJ plays, stop talking about what she looks like and listen to what she’s playing. Make it about the music, not the ladies shaking their asses on stage for your pleasure. 


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