Seven Davis Jr.

IMG_6972 (296x500)One of my favorite new artists who has really blown up over the last year is Seven Davis Jr., on Ninja Tune.

His latest track, “Wild Hearts,” is as catchy and funky as hell (was excited to get the sticker to the left with a t-shirt I got in the mail this week!).

Also, I had no idea this existed, but I now know I will be spending a portion of tonight watching this LIVE Boiler Room LA set from about a year ago. YES. [Update: this is the worst Boiler Room set I’ve ever seen. I’m not sure if it’s SDJ’s fault or BR’s, but the sound is terrible, SDJ is singing over a backing track, and it’s basically just embarrassing all around!]

Finally, one of my favorite tracks from the past year was Don Daneeka’s very sexy, “What’s It Gonna Be?” featuring Seven Davis Jr. I still remember the night I first heard this by accident on SoundCloud and played it at least 5 times in a row. Whatcha waitin’ for?


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